Halo! and welcome to the About section of Kim Go Eun Indonesia!

We conducted an Instagram interview with Kim Go Eun Indonesia last week to help us know more about their group and their honesty in answering our questions just proved their worth for our full support!

  1. When and why did you start Kim Go Eun Indonesia?
    “Actually there are more than one person who runs this account, but I personally became her fan since 2015 and decided to made this account on 2016 (i forget when exactly that was). At that time I was thinking of starting KGE Indonesia because I wanted to make a fanbase/fanclub dedicated to her, befriend with fellow Arjenia, and wanted Kim Go Eun to be better known in Indonesia. “

  2. What are the things you like most about Ggone?
    “The things I love the most about Ggone is…. honestly I can’t say what I like the most about her cause she’s like a cute lovely package with a surprise on the inside. She’s so charismatic and attractive, so adorable that I want her to be my friend or my sister, her acting skill is just so captivating, and very multi-talented. But the important thing is her personality and her heart. I just can’t describe more how much I love her cause I’m sure that will be a long paragraph haha.”

  3. What is your fanclub’s goal?
    “Our fanclub’s goals are we just want anyone know more about Ggone, we want to do some charity behalf of her name, participate in any events and also we really want to be able to meet her in person.”

  4. What is Kim Go Eun Indonesia’s message to all Arjenias around the world?
    “Please looking forward and always continue to support Ggone’s projects in the future. Respect whatever choices and decisions shes gonna make, and never stop to support her. We are here for her and her works, not only for her personal life.”

We thank Kim Go Eun Indonesia for being so accommodating and for taking time to answer our interview questions! Please help us support them all the way!