Kim Go Eun Philippines collaborated with Kim Go Eun Taiwan Fan Club to send a coffee truck support on the filming set of Kim Go Eun’s comeback drama, ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’.

The waiting game for a support schedule took months and the preparation time was short but it was all worth it cause as Kim Go Eun’s fans, nothing is more fulfilling than being able to show our support for our favorite girl, right?


Fast forward, on the foggy afternoon of February 13, Kim Go Eun Philippines and Kim Go Eun Taiwan Fan Club cheered for about 200 hardworking cast and crew of the upcoming SBS drama ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’. They enjoyed premium beverages and snacks of their choice from the truck. The filming took place at an indoor venue in Gyeonggi-do and was quite hectic as their call time was pushed back twice.

Truck photos by Coffeegreate

For the snacks, delicious mini croissants and hotdog sandwiches were prepared for everyone. As per the coffee truck’s sajangnim, these were consumed by the crew in less than an hour! Daebak! But we can’t blame them, can we? Everything just looks so tasty! 😋

Aside from the snacks available for grabs at the truck, we also prepared special food boxes for Kim Go Eun and her co-stars Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwan. These delicious food boxes by the Coffeegreate team could have increased their appetite, right? We mean, look at these mouth-watering sets of food!!!!

Ggone says “Thank you so much ♥”

While Kim Go Eun was on a quick break, our representative had the opportunity to meet her inside her waiting room. On a handwritten note, Kim Go Eun thanked all her Philippine and Taiwanese fans for sending out their love and support for her.

Happy and Grateful

The ‘The King’ coffee truck project was a collaboration between the Philippine and Taiwanese fan clubs. The preparation period was short but we were able to pull it off and make it on time thanks to the following people:

To our coffee truck supplier, Coffeegreate, who was very accommodating, patient and attentive to all our needs from day 1 until the coffee truck day. Thank you so much!

To Kim Go Eun’s manager, for being so nice to us all this time and for accommodating our representative while on site. Thank you, manager!

To Kim Go Eun Taiwan Fan Club and the rest of the Taiwanese fans, for agreeing to do this project with us. The full support and trust you have bestowed on us in this project motivated us to give our all in the preparations. Thank you, chingus!

To the Philippine fans for all the support financially and morally, maraming salamat po!

Lastly, to our sunshine Kim Go Eun, for the precious time she spared to meet our site representative. Thank you, Go Eunssi! We hope that you are always healthy and well. We’re so excited to meet Jung Tae-eul/Luna!

We hope that The King will receive so much love from all the viewers. We are praying for the drama to be a hit. 더킹, 화이팅 !!