Kim Go Eun as Eun-gyo in her first movie role.

Lee Jeok-yo (Park Hae-il) is a respected national poet in his 70s. His thirty-something assistant Seo Ji-woo (Kim Mu-yeol) recently published his first book, described as a genre novel with psychological insight, and it has shot to the top of the bestseller lists. Finding a young high schoolgirl, Eun-gyo (Kim Go-eun), asleep on a chair on his porch, Jeok-yo, instantly enamored, agrees to give her a part-time job cleaning his home. As Jeok-yo spends more time in Eun-gyo’s company, long-lost feelings are awakened within him, and her exuberance, sense of fun, and genuine warmth towards him make him see himself as the young man he used to be. His love and need for her grow not only because he finds her incredibly beautiful, but also because of how she makes him feel. Deeply smitten, Jeok-yo begins to write a short story about his imagined sexual relationship with the young woman. However, as the two get ever closer, Ji-woo condemns their relationship as inappropriate and repugnant, and he steals the short story to publish under his own name.

Directed by: Jung Ji-woo
Starring: Park Hae-il, Kim Go-eun, Kim Mu-yeol
Release date: April 26, 2012

I’m very thankful for the film Eungyo because it made me long to become a better actress.

NYAFF 2013 Interview: Kim Go-eun, Star Of EUNGYO (A MUSE)

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