Founded on June 9, 2016, Kim Go Eun Philippines is the first and only fan community of Korean actress Kim Go Eun (김고은) in the Philippines. We strive to unite all the Filipino fans through fan club activities, and to provide the latest news and updates about Kim through our social media accounts.

From a few members, the group has grown enormously with over 110,000 Facebook likes, over 21,000 Facebook Group members, 16,700 Instagram followers and 6,800 Twitter followers for the last three years as of this writing.


In May 2018, Kim Go Eun Philippines received its first Instagram “LIKE” from Kim on a post quoting her thoughts on what it takes to be a “beautiful woman”.

In June 2018, the group received its second like from Kim on a video post wherein some of Kim’s Filipino fans gathered to cheer for the release of her then, latest film, Byeonsan/Sunset in My Hometown.

During Kim Go Eun’s Instagram live in April 2019 for her 7th Debut Anniversary, she serenaded her fans with Daniel Caesar & H.E.R.’s song titled ‘Best Part’, which we uploaded on our Facebook page. The video gained an overwhelming reaction from fans and other users who came to watch the video while scrolling down on their feed. As of this writing, the video already reached over 65k reactions, 4.2k comments, 27.1k shares and 1.1 million views.

Kim Go Eun – Best Part

[FULL] Kim Go Eun singing Daniel Caesar's "Best Part" on her IG live today. Very soothing voice ❤#kimgoeun #김고은 #金高銀 #คมิโกอึน #キムゴウン #arjenia #7YearsWithKimGoEun #TheGGoneProject

Kim Go Eun 김고은 Philippinesさんの投稿 2019年4月25日木曜日
Kim Go Eun – Best Part

The Ggone Project (#TheGgoneProject)

In its strive to send support to Kim in any way, we launched #TheGgoneProject in April 2018.

#TheGgoneProject is an initiative to raise funds for the fan club support and projects for Kim. Since its launch, The Ggone Project has made its way to various club projects for Kim such as debut anniversaries, birthdays and even to our first ever coffee truck support on the set of Yoo Yeol’s Music Album/Tune in for Love.


To join our growing family, simply register on the link provided and wait for our email confirmation. We hope to see you in our future events!

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