Despite the prevalent COVID situations in South Korea, the production team of Kim Go Eun’s short film titled ‘Untact’ successfully filmed its scenes within just a few weeks. The filming was conducted with strict implementation of its health and safety protocols.

‘Untact’ (언택트) stars Kim Go Eun and ‘It’s Okay Not To Be Okay’ actor Kim Joo Hun, and is directed by Kim Ji Woon. It depicts what happens in a situation where a separated man and woman cannot face each other due to the pandemic situation.

As ‘Untact’ is a short film, the filming was not long.

KGE PH initially prepared a ‘care package’ for Go-eun which consisted of the following items: Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit with Ultrasonic Diffuser, a box of red ginseng, scarves from Studio Tomboy, and a bouquet of flowers from Bloomy City. We also prepared a fruit basket for Go-eun’s manager as a gift.

Due to the changes in the filming schedule, we were given a last minute schedule for our coffee truck support just as we had finished taking care of the gifts for Go-eun and her manager.

Yesterday, September 6th, we were able to send a coffee truck support to cheer for about 70 production staff of ‘Untact’.

Amidst the abrupt changes of support plans, the current COVID situation, and the threatening landfall of a typhoon in South Korea over the weekend, the coffee truck support was a success. And it was such a privilege to send the support on their last filming day! On an Instagram post, Go-eun’s manager shared a photo of him and Go-eun holding the drinks they ordered from the truck we sent, along with the other support truck photos from Arjenia and KGE Global.

On behalf of the team behind Kim Go Eun Philippines, we wish to sincerely thank each and everyone who made this project possible.

To Manager Choi, for accommodating our requests and for taking care of Go-eun, thank you managernim! To Arjenia, for always being so kind and accommodating to us, we are truly grateful for your kindness to us international fans. Thank you so much! To the other international fan clubs who have been really supportive to KGE PH and its projects, thank you chingus!

To our suppliers, especially to Bloomy City for the beautiful flowers and fruit basket, and for going an extra mile to serve us, thank you! To Code Cafe for traveling for hours and for making it on time on the set, we truly appreciate your hard work.

To the Filipino fans, for their initiative to do this support project and their trust and confidence towards us, thank you! We are really grateful for your participation to this project. This would have not been possible without any of you. Thank you so much!

Last but definitely not the least, to our sunshine, Kim Go-eun, for inspiring us everyday to do better, thank you Go-eunssi! You have always been such an inspiration to us and we are proud of you for braving the pandemic just to raise awareness through your craft. Thank you for giving us thousands of reasons to love and support you more. We love you, Go-eunssi! All ways, Always.

We are continuously praying for everyone’s safety and good health specially in this time of pandemic. Stay safe!